Information on having a holiday with your horse.

When going for holidays taking family and friends is not enough, take along your horse. It is an easier way of improving your horsemanship and enhancing your holiday experience. Some of the holiday destinations will facilitate this as they can accommodate the horses and the guest alike. For the transport a well-designed horse box will facilitate this. There are companies established specifically to design custom made horseboxes to ensure the owner gets a worthwhile experience together with the horse while travelling. Investing in a horsebox is an easy way to ensure that the animal is comfortable while going on holiday. If you are traveling on a convoy with friends or family who also have a horse in a horse box then a great way to communicate with each other whilst on the move is by using binatone walkie talkies. The main reason for this being that if you happend to be traveling through an area of country side where mobile phone signal is limited or your phone has run out of charge then you are still able to communicate with your companions. A mobile radio is also great for when you are riding the horses as they are normally more hrad wearing then a mobile phone and are often water proof. They are a great aditions to any horse holiday.

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Self catering

A self-catering cottage could be another option when taking the family and the horses on a holiday. Self-catering cottages provide an easy solution as you can transfer your home to the holiday destinations you want. This is a favourable setting that one can bring their pet along and this includes a horse. This kind of holiday would be facilitated by a horsebox as the mode of transport for the horse. This option is suitable for a limited geographical coverage as the horsebox has to travel on land. If the place you are going is across a water body then take it by boat to ensure you get to the destination of choice.


It is important to check the weight of the horse that is being ferried using a rented horse box. There is a legal limit of the amount of weight the horsebox can carry. Checking the condition of the horsebox will ensure you don't pay for damages that were there before you rented the horsebox.


When in the preferred destination there will be tour guides to ensure one gets the best routes to go horse riding. Transferring the horses from one destination will be done using the boat or the horse box. Renting ferries for the horse can be easier if having a private horsebox turns out to be more expensive. It is important to ensure that the horse is wearing an appropriate gear to prevent injuries for the horse. Having an experience rider will also prevent stress of the animal as it is not used to this conditions of travelling.

Using Air

Using air to transport a horse is also possible through airlines that facilitate the transportation. They are equipped to fly different breeds of horses thus they can transport the animal to the holiday destination. During this flights having a horseman on board helps deal with problems that may arise. Some of the problems encountered include colic which can be dealt with the proper management and care.


Whatever means used to ferry the horse there are important points that should be taken into account. Avoid dusty hay or floor for the means. Ensure that the air is circulating to ensure the horse can rest comfortably. Having enough water during the journey is also important to avoid dehydration. Regular checks should be done to avoid stress and this is done by a qualified vet nary. Finally adequate rest is required for the horse after the journey.